How to Find Self Acceptance?

Answer The meaning of self acceptance is to accept our shortcomings as well as our accomplishments. We all have faults and successful moments in our lives. Getting through life happily and peacefully requ... Read More »

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What counts as acceptance?

Ok, Phil you're a philosopher, who was it that said "An unexamined life is not worth living." (was it Socrates....not sure I'm rusty on my philosophers)Anyway, for me acceptance comes through ask... Read More »

How to Give an Acceptance Speech?

Giving an acceptance speech can be a daunting task for the humble, especially if you've been working so hard earning the accolades that you haven't brushed up on your public speaking skills. There ... Read More »

How to Teach Kids Acceptance?

Perhaps your child returned home from school today and exclaimed, "There's a new kid in my class and his mom is gay!" Maybe his best friend is a different color than he is, or he knows a girl who h... Read More »

How Do I Decline My Postgraduate Acceptance?

A post doctorate degree offers an exciting educational prospect, but you may want to decline your acceptance after considering the immense workload - - not to mention expenses. Alternatively, you m... Read More »