How to Find Rise & Run to Write an Equation?

Answer You can solve some algebra problems graphically, but if you need a more precise solution, you must convert a graphed shape to an algebraic equation. When the shape is a line, calculate rise and run... Read More »

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How to Write an Equation?

Are you having a hard time with math and need help writing an equation? Well, you clicked on the right link! Here we go!

How to Write a Parabola Equation?

Quadratic equations form a parabola when graphed. Parabolas are u-shaped curves that can open up or down and have a narrow or wide "mouth" depending on the formula. The general form of a parabola i... Read More »

How to Write a Chemical Equation?

Chemical equations are unlike the equations used for classical mathematics. Mathematical equations equate 2 numbers or calculations as being identical. The numbers are set on either side of an equa... Read More »

How to Write an Equation With Two Endpoints?

Given two endpoints, you can find the equation of a line or of a circle. The standard equation for a line is y=mx+b, where m represents the slope of the line and b is where the line crosses the y-a... Read More »