How to Find Rental Homes in Kingsport, Tennessee?

Answer You can still live in a house, with all of its benefits and space, but avoid long term commitments if you rent a home. If you only plan to live in an area for a short period of time, or don't reall... Read More »

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Train Rides Near Kingsport, Tennessee?

Kingsport, Tennessee, is in the northeast corner of the state on the border with Virginia. It is about 100 miles northeast of Knoxville and conveniently situated near interstates 40 and 26. Through... Read More »

How to Start a Plumbing Wholesale Business in Kingsport Tennessee?

Kingsport, Tennessee, is located within a 20-minute drive of two other cities, which comprise the Tri-Cities area of northeast Tennessee. Kingsport is also within a 45-minute drive of four addition... Read More »

Rental Rights of Tenants in Leased Homes?

Tenants' rights are typically provided by state law. State laws determine the minimum requirements and laws that landlords need to obey. Under federal law, landlords are not allowed to discriminate... Read More »

Can someone make a list of websites that have rental homes i would really appreciate it. :-)?

That's what local real estate agents are for. Call a local office and ask them what their website is. All these guys make listings available over the web.