How to Find Rent Controlled Housing?

Answer Rent-controlled housing is a form of affordable, public housing that is available for individuals, families, the elderly and those with disabilities that meet low-income eligibility requirements. R... Read More »

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How do I know if my house is rent controlled?

To find out if your house is rent controlled, you may need to do some checking. Rent control is a local issue, and therefore the rules are different depending on the city you live in. Your city may... Read More »

Is San Francisco rent controlled?

San Francisco's apartments have been subject to rent control since 1979 when the Board of Supervisors passed the San Francisco Rent Ordinance. Currently, approximately 170,000 units fall under the... Read More »

Is West Hollywood rent controlled?

West Hollywood, California does have a form of rent control called rent stabilization. According to the West Hollywood Department of Rent Stabilization, the rent control ordinance in West Hollywood... Read More »

How is rent calculated for section 8 housing?

The Housing Choice Voucher Program, also called Section 8, is a federal housing assistance program for individuals and families. The rental payment is determined on a case-by-case basis and is depe... Read More »