How to Find Reliable Alternatives to Plastic Surgery?

Answer Plastic surgery costs money, is painful, and creates permanent changes that can never be completely reversed if that is later desired. Finding alternatives to plastic surgery makes a lot of sense t... Read More »

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How reliable is Wikipedia Are there any free alternatives that are NOT open for editing by whoever?

Wikipedia is a lot more reliable than it used to be just because there's more oversight with so many people involved in editing it. "Sneaky vandalism" might be overlooked on occasion, but it seems ... Read More »

Alternatives to Plastic Baggies?

A staple in lunch kits and bags for generations, plastic baggies have safely carried sandwiches, fruit and cookies. But, as society becomes more environmentally friendly, you may want to find an al... Read More »

Environmentally Friendly Plastic Alternatives?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, plastics comprised 12 percent (30 million tons) of the solid waste generated in the U.S. in 2008. These plastics are in almost every kind of produc... Read More »

Should I get plastic surgery *Pic?

first off, Cute puppy!!!i think your upper lip is fine, don't make it bigger.your nose is fine too, but if you dont like it it is up to you. not what your family says :)