How to Find Rayguns in the Campaign of CoD: World at War?

Answer Have you heard rumors about rayguns in the campaign of WaW? It seems crazy, but it's actually true!

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What was the name of the TV series some time between 1980-1990 that features a world wide campaign for president of the world in which one of the campaingers was the devil?

Never heard about this TRU is not cancelled! The top answer is referring to (T)omb (R)aider (U)nderground. The question refers to a TV show starring Eliza Dushku, as a woman that often will reliv... Read More »

Who are England's opponents in the first home qualifier of the 2010 FIFA World Cup campaign?

Kazakhstan was England's first home opposition of the 2010 World Cup qualification campaign. England sealed a 5-1 victory over its opponents in the match at Wembley stadium on Oct. 11, 2008. The En... Read More »

How to Find Out Who Gave Political Campaign Contributions?

The United States Federal Election Commission, or FEC, monitors the financing of political campaigns and elections. The database of financial contributors to a given candidate is accessible online.... Read More »

How to Find Homecoming Queen Campaign Slogans?

A successful homecoming queen campaign must make the candidate memorable and relevant in the minds of voters on election day. Catchy campaign slogans are a brilliant way of achieving this. From Pre... Read More »