How to Find Primary Source Documents?

Answer When doing research, researchers usually rely on what is called "secondary"[1] and "tertiary"[2] sources. These are compilations and reinterpretations of original other sources that are called "pri... Read More »

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Characteristics of a Primary Source?

Students in secondary school usually learn to do research in two steps. First they do research to gather information from a variety of sources. Then the students analyze the information they gather... Read More »

How to Analyze a Primary Source?

A primary source is a first-hand account of a time-period or event. It includes newspapers, letters, memoirs, music, court cases, records and anything else that took place at the time you are resea... Read More »

Primary Source of Electrical Energy?

The electrical energy generated by windmills, waterfalls and power plants is actually a secondary source of energy. To produce electricity, a heat source is needed to create the conditions in which... Read More »

How to Cite a Primary Source in APA Format?

When you conduct your own research--through interviews, surveys, questionnaires or observations--then your citations follow a format that differs from the standard citation of a secondary source, s... Read More »