How to Find Pricing on Antique Pocket Watches?

Answer The charm of a pocket watch is unmistakable, and these timepieces are highly sought-after collectibles. As demand for quality antique timepieces increases and the supply decreases, prices rise. How... Read More »

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How to Collect Antique Pocket Watches?

For a glimpse into yesteryear, collect antique pocket watches. Pocket watches were not commonly made until after 1700. When collecting antique pocket watches, a good reference guide is essential to... Read More »

Pricing antique furniture?

Opinions from we rabble on here will count for nothing in a legal dispute. Take photos of the damaged items to verify the circumstances and condition and then take them to an antiques appraiser fo... Read More »

How do pocket watches work?

Pocket watches, once a phenomenon, were richly adorned and carried by heads of state, royalty and gentlemen. Though they are not as popular these days, new pocket watches are still being made. Pock... Read More »

Are Tissot pocket watches gold plated?

According to the Tissot 2009 catalog, the T-Pocket Savonettes Mechanicals pocket watch is gold plated. However, other Tissot pocket watches are generally made of brass with a protective coating or ... Read More »