How to Find Power in Weakness Through God?

Answer Have you ever felt too weak, powerless to deal with your challenge whether in work, school and/or serving others through your weakness. How can you find fullness, power over the wages of sin and de... Read More »

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I have just woke up to find water p*ssing through my bedroom walls (right round and down through the ceiling?

Here are my trouble shooters:Water tank leak or burst above youPipe burst alos above youHeavy rain...of course only if it is rainingOverflow of water if you have people above....Water has to come f... Read More »

How to Power a Fan Through a USB Port?

Computer fans run off of 5 volts DC. USB ports provide 5 volts DC and 500 milliamps of power and most computer fans will run at less than 500 milliamps. It makes sense that you should be able to co... Read More »

How much power can be drawn through a USB port on a laptop?

The maximum power that a device should be able to draw through a laptop USB port is 5 volts and 0.5 amps, for a total power output of 2.5 USB connector PinoutResources:... Read More »

Which continent has the most power lines running through it?

North America has the largest electricity grid and has more transmission lines than any other continent. North America--which includes the U.S., Canada and a portion of Baja California Norte, Mexic... Read More »