How to Find Positive & Negative on a Subwoofer?

Answer When hooking up a subwoofer, get the positive and negative feeds correct or your speaker will not perform right. All speakers have a positive post and a negative post to connect speaker wire. When ... Read More »

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Can a child have o positive blood if the mother is A positive and the father is A negative?

Yes. Regarding blood type, each person has two blood group genes--one from each parent. The blood types sort like this:For blood type O: O/OFor blood type A: either A/A or A/OFor blood type B: eith... Read More »

How can a child's blood type be A positive if mom is O positive and dad is AB negative?

Answer because the dad blood was stronger and one positive and one negative make a positive

Can a hiv negative man marry a hiv positive woman and remain negative?

Using two positive wires to a speaker instead of a positive and a negative?

The positive subwoofer output is putting out more power than the regular speaker outputs do. The positive and negatives will actually not make a difference in most cases, but could harm some systems.