How to Find Persian and Oriental Rugs to Beautify Your Home?

Answer If you have a big home, then it means that you will most certainly want it to look amazing and that is why most of the times will delve into buying discount oriental rugs from the internet. If you ... Read More »

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How do I Clean Oriental Persian Rugs?

Persian rugs have been hand woven in Iran for centuries, but it is far more common today for a Persian rug to be machine fabricated. Regardless of whether your Persian rug is an antique or a modern... Read More »

How do I tell Persian rugs?

Count the KnotsFlip the Persian rug over, and temporarily mark a 1-inch square using a straight-edged item. Count the knots within the square. A knot count of less than 400 is considered to "fine."... Read More »

How to Buy Persian Rugs?

Whether you're searching for a new room or want to spice up an old, a great quality, hand woven Persian rug can do just the trick. These rugs are slowly becoming a lost art, and the best ones tell ... Read More »

How do I fit Persian rugs?

Determine the Shape, Color and Style of RugDetermine the shape of the Persian rug that you require for your room. Choices include rectangular, square or circular and vary with personal preferences.... Read More »