How to Find People Who Have Gone Into Black Ops?

Answer Finding and identifying the members of the organizations that conduct "black operations" is challenging, but not impossible. "Black operations" is a term applied to military or paramilitary operati... Read More »

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How can I find people on youtube by email if they have ticked the box of letting people find them?

ask the person what their email is. that is how.

You are almost 5 centimeters dilated and have not gone into labor is this common?

well if it is a big hurt then about 3 to 5 mins if it is small hurt then 1 to 2 mins

My gas cooker is gone, i have just got an electric one but cant find where to light it with a match?

you don,t sound too safe who has let you play with matches does mummy know

How many space shuttles have gone into space and name them?

Six space shuttles have gone into space. The U.S launched Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavor.A:As of April 5th 2010, 130 launches of the Space Shuttle have been successfully re... Read More »