How to Find Paint Codes for 2001 Toyota Camry?

Answer Maybe your parallel parking skills need a little work. Perhaps that stray shopping cart in the grocery store parking lot decided to scrape your Camry’s fender. Or maybe your Toyota just needs a f... Read More »

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How to Find Toyota Paint Codes?

Paint codes are a string of letters and numbers that tell vehicle dealers, automotive paint specialists and owners the specific exterior paint colors for a vehicle. On Toyota cars, the paint code i... Read More »

How to Find Paint Codes on the 2000 Toyota Corolla?

After locating the color code on a 2000 Toyota Corolla, the original paint can be purchased in kits to paint the entire car or in spray cans or small touch up bottles for small nicks. Keep in mind ... Read More »

How to Clear Alarm Codes on a '97 Toyota Camry?

Once the engine repairs are completed on a 1997 Toyota Camry, the On-Board Diagnostic alarm code will have to be cleared. If this is not done, the "Service Engine Soon" light stays active on the C... Read More »

How to Read the Trouble Codes on a 1991 Toyota Camry?

You can read the trouble codes on your '91 Toyota Camry from your home garage, saving yourself time and money. You just need a small, computerized handheld device called an OBD-I scanner. This scan... Read More »