How to Find Out the Value Your Scrap Gold?

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What is the scrap value of 14k gold?

The scrap value of 14K gold is determined by the purity and the spot price of gold. The purity of 14K gold is 0.583 since it is 58.3 percent gold. The spot price of gold changes daily as the gold p... Read More »

What is scrap gold?

One of the most popular ways to earn extra cash in the past few years, especially with rising gold prices, is selling scrap gold. Chances are good that you have some scrap gold laying around the ho... Read More »

How to Buy Scrap Gold?

So you want to Start a Cash for Gold Business? Well, pat yourself on the back, Cash for Gold is Hot Hot Hot right now, which is the good news. The bad news, you will have a lot of competition (Depe... Read More »

Where can I sell my scrap gold?

On One Hand: Selling by mail is convenientSeveral companies offer "gold kits" which are pre-paid mailers in which you can put your scrap gold and mail it to the company. But make sure that the comp... Read More »