How to Find Out if Your Girlfriend Is Checking Your Bedroom?

Answer Ever wanted to know if your girlfriend is having trust issues? Here are some methods for finding out if she's snooping around your bedroom whenever she visits. Warning though – this may result in... Read More »

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My bedroom is messy. my girlfriend has been off all day and not cleaned up is she lazy?

clean your own bedroom, and tell your girlfriend you're sorry for being such an ***.

I just smoked in my girlfriend's bedroom. How can I get rid of the smell before she gets back?

Ok get lysol or fabreeze those kill the oder not cover it up after that spray a mix or Axe or Tag and Fabreeze to fully kick the smell. If she has any out air freshiners plug em all into that room ... Read More »

How to Find Out Who Is Checking My Personal E-mail?

E-mail is a convenient way to quickly send messages to other people. But if someone else accesses your e-mail account, they can read your personal messages as well as find your personal information... Read More »

Is there really a secret software that can make you find out which people are checking your facebook profile?