How to Find Out if Someone Knows Your Secret Without Giving It Away?

Answer It's tough when you find out that your trust in your friend was misplaced. Follow these steps to find out if someone has been told your secret without giving it away.

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How to find out who is giving me abuse on Ask.FM?

Im sorry but u cant. I have askfm too and i barely get hate which im happy about but my friends do. There is no way u can find out who wrote it unless the actually person tells u. It is anon. for a... Read More »

How do find a relative that was giving up for adoption in foreign country?

As an adopted child I'll let you know what I believe. All children THINK they want to meet their biological parents. And I'm not just saying it- but they ALL THINK they do. And if it doesn't put th... Read More »

Where do I find a card that shows what to tip servers I do believe in giving fair tips.?

in the US, you should leave an average of 15%. leave less if the service and food are bad, leave more if they are good. you left 25%, that is too much unless the service was very outstanding..

Which works better for you, Bush giving you a bath or Agelina Jolie giving you a tatoo?

I will take a pass on either of them.I can wash myself, (been doing it for as long as I can remember, and I think I got it "right" after all these years now)...I dont need a tatoo, because I dont l... Read More »