How to Find Out if Schools Are Closed Due to Weather?

Answer Finding out if school is closed due to weather involves either turning on the TV news or logging on to the Internet. Depending on how far in advance the cancellation is announced, local TV news cha... Read More »

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Any schools closed in your area because of the "swine flu"?

Do you think that the schools in houston could be closed due to the swine flu?

3 schools in houston already are closed so I sure so believe that more will be closed as it spreads. I don't think it will kill people unless it evolves into some kind of destructive virus, which i... Read More »

How do i find out if a rewritable cd is closed?

Insert a rewritable CD into the optical drive of your computer. Click the "Start" button in Windows. Then click "Computer" to open Windows Explorer and display icons that correspond to hard and opt... Read More »

How to Find Extrema on a Closed Interval?

In calculus, extrema are the highest and lowest values of a function within a specified interval. To find the extrema of a function on a closed interval, you must compute the derivative of the fun... Read More »