How to Find Out Your PRL on a Samsung Omnia?

Answer You can check the Preferred Roaming List version on your Samsung Omnia through the phone's Settings menu. The PRL is a file that tells the phone which towers to connect with when it is outside the ... Read More »

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Will the Samsung Omnia work with my Mac?

The Samsung Omnia mobile phone will not work with an Apple Macintosh computer. There are no cables or connectors available, and the software was not designed to be compatible with the Mac. The only... Read More »

What is the TV output on a Samsung Omnia?

The TV output cable for the Samsung Omnia connects to the data port on the bottom of the phone and outputs video and audio signals using red, white and yellow RCA connections. The cable allows the ... Read More »

How to Text With a Samsung Omnia?

Samsung's SGH-i900 cellphone, which is better known as the Samsung Omnia, is available to customers on the Verizon Wireless cellphone network. The Omnia smartphone runs the Microsoft Windows Mobile... Read More »

Is the Samsung Omnia a smartphone?

Yes, the Samsung Omnia is a smartphone–a cell phone that includes features found on a personal computer, such as Internet access and email–as is the Samsung Omnia II. Both phones run Windows Mo... Read More »