How to Find Out Your Gear Ratio on a Ford Mustang?

Answer The Ford Mustang has been equipped with a number of different gear ratios in its long history. Calculating the gear ratio is important to determine whether the original gears have been changed. It ... Read More »

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How Do I Determine Gear Ratio on Ford Rear End?

There are a couple of ways to determine the gear ratio for a Ford rear end, or any car or truck for that matter, and we will discuss both. First, it may be helpful to review what the gear ratio is ... Read More »

How to Find the Gear Ratio of Your Car?

There are a variety of reasons why a vehicle owner would need to know the gear ratio of her vehicle with the most pervasive reason being when shopping for a replacement axle. While there are severa... Read More »

How to Find the Gear Ratio in a GMC?

Manufacturers gear their vehicles for better mileage and maximum performance. Gear ratio determines the amount of end power and speed a vehicle has. In measuring the GMC gear ratio, the higher the ... Read More »

How to Identify the Gear Ratio for a 2005 Ford Explorer?

The gear ratio in your 2005 Ford Explorer must be known before ordering replacement parts, or upgrade parts, for the rear differential. The 2005 Explorer is equipped with an 8.8-inch rear different... Read More »