How to Find Out Which Mainboard You Have?

Answer When looking to upgrade a PC, one of the most important things to know is what kind of mainboard---or "motherboard" as it is more commonly referred to---your machine has. Knowing this will help you... Read More »

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What is a mainboard?

A mainboard, also referred to as a motherboard, is the central circuit board within a computer. The mainboard connects to several other key components including the central processing unit, the har... Read More »

How to Take Apart My PS2 Mainboard?

The PS2 (PlayStation 2) is a video game console that, like many other electronic devices, utilizes a main circuit board to connect its internal components and operate. Needless to say, If this boar... Read More »

Where can i buy a raspberry pi mainboard?

[GRUMPY OLD GIT] Young people these days, no use at all, can't Google to save their lives...I Googled "australia raspberrry pi" and this was the first hit

How to Check a Mainboard?

A motherboard or mainboard is the main circuit board in a computer that connects all the computer's devices together. The central processing unit, random access memory, hard drives, optical drives ... Read More »