How to Find Out Where an Inmate Is Located Within the Texas State System?

Answer In today's Information Age, finding where someone lives can be as easy as clicking a mouse and typing a few words into a search engine. Before the Internet, obtaining information from a government ... Read More »

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How many deaths are there annually in the Texas state prison system?

Every year, about 385 inmates die in Texas prisons, out of a total prison population around 170,000. This number is derived from federal statistics that show 1,933 deaths during the five-year perio... Read More »

Why Would an Inmate Be Moved From One Unit to Another in Texas?

While there are numerous reasons an inmate may be moved in a prison in Texas, it is typically out of a safety concern for either the inmate, other inmates or the guards stationed at the prison.

Texas Inmate Offender Information?

Inmate information has become much easier to find today thanks to the Internet and online resources. Texas is no exception. A wealth of information both online and through local law enforcement cha... Read More »

Can a Texas inmate issue a power of attorney?

A Texan inmate is allowed to designate a power of attorney (POA) to someone trusted, to handle personal affairs while incarcerated. A general POA form can be downloaded from the Internet or purchas... Read More »