How to Find Out What Replacement Bulbs to Use in Vehicle Headlights?

Answer Vehicle headlights are not only a safety feature that improves vision in the dark and rain and allows other vehicles to see you at night, they are also required by law. You must replace headlights ... Read More »

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Replacement Bulbs for Headlights?

The United States Department of Transportation reports that poor headlights or headlamps cause low driving visibility, brightness problems, contrast detection and glare, especially at night. The ef... Read More »

If you have liability insurance only in a no-fault state and you were rear-ended and vehicle totalled who pays for the replacement or repair of the vehicle?

%DETAILS%%FOLLOWUPS% Answer Michigan's no fault law is really a pain. If you only had liability insurance, even if you weren't at fault, you're responsible for the damages to your vehicle. If the o... Read More »

How to Aim Headlights After Replacement?

Aiming your headlights is necessary after you've installed new headlight assemblies. The headlights need to be adjusted so that they do not blind oncoming traffic. Most headlight assemblies have tw... Read More »

Are LEDs replacement bulbs dimmable?

Check the specs on your led replacements. They will tell you what dimming method, if any, to use. Most led's I've seen can not be dimmed. They are either on or off.