How to Find Out Semester Hours at My University?

Answer You have a lot to learn when starting college, including how to record, organize and earn the required hours for your degree. Credit hours are the number of hours you are required to be in class in... Read More »

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How to Convert Quarter Hours to Semester Hours at Ohio Colleges?

Depending on the Ohio college or University you attended, you may have earned credits in either the "semester" or "quarter" systems. Academic quarters are shorter than academic semesters. The exact... Read More »

What Are Semester Hours?

Working toward a college degree is a timely and difficult process. To streamline your experience--and to help ensure you graduate on time--it's best to understand the terminology associated with yo... Read More »

How many semester hours are in a bachelor's degree?

Typically, a college or university will require at least 120 semester hours, also known as credits, to confer a bachelor's degree. Depending on your major, you may be required to earn more credits ... Read More »

How many semester hours is a WGU master's degree?

Western Governors University students do not take classes by credit hour. Instead, they pay for courses in six-month blocks. Master's programs typically take between one and three years to complete... Read More »