How to Find Out How Much Oil Your Car Takes Without a Manual?

Answer Keeping the oil in a car clean and at the proper level is one of the most important things the owner should do. Finding the exact amount of oil needed without a manual requires a little bit of work... Read More »

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How do you find out codes for a tv without a manual?

1-Press and hold TV and OK/Select for 3 sec 2-Instead of entering a code, press and hold Chl+ until the tv goes off3-Press tv, and then ok.

Is it kidnapping if your mom takes you to her house without your father's permission and keeps you because you wanted to stay?

Answer depends on how the court papers read. who has custody? Answer No, it might be depending upon circumstances considered parental abduction, but if the father knew where the child was, it is un... Read More »

You lost your manual for a jumbo universal remote how do you find the codes to program it to your tv?

Where can you find a manual for your KitchenAid 3-C mixer?

If one didn't come with your mixer I would try going online and google it. But I am not 100% sure it will work.