How to Find Other Ways Instead of Cutting Yourself?

Answer There are many ways to stop cutting yourself, but this article focuses solely on the specific technique of finding alternatives to cutting.

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Do you find yourself cutting out people from your life that keep talking about alternative medicine?

I don't, because those people in my family or among my friends who still have warm fuzzy feelings about alternative medicine (the most you can have, in the absence of proof) know better now than to... Read More »

How to Find Ways to Motivate Yourself as Darth Vader?

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Whats so bad about cutting yourself if you really can't hurt yourself?

Although cutting may provide some temporary relief from a terrible feeling, even people who cut agree that it isn't a good way to get that relief. For one thing, the relief doesn't last. The troubl... Read More »

Alternatives to cutting yourself?

Hey! I'm so proud of you for deciding to recover! I've been cutting for almost three years now but haven't cut in 38 days :) Anyways, here's a list of alternatives ---------------------------------... Read More »