How to Find Other Recumbent Cyclists in Your Area?

Answer Recumbent Riders on the Natchez TraceHere are some different methods for finding other recumbent cyclists in your area of the world.

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Pro Cyclists & Impotence?

There is little evidence to prove that cyclists who spend long hours in the saddle will increase their risk of suffering impotency. This first became an issue in July 1997 when Bicycling Magazine r... Read More »

Cyclists on roads?

You have a really good point. Cyclists were on the road before cars were, and have become 'secondary' because cars are faster. Mixing cyclists with cars is a very dangerous idea.A lot of pedestrian... Read More »

Cyclists - deathwish?

I completely agree with you,also the law which prevents cyclists from riding on footpaths should be strictly enforced

How did those cyclists report my A to LCG so fast?

They reported my mentrualcycle answer too. Demsonsabitches.Jil, The msntrualcycle just left me and I am fedexing it to you.