How to Find My Unemployment Compensation From Work?

Answer Unemployment insurance is a federal program administered via individual state agencies. It is meant to give you money enough to pay for basic living expenses while you actively search for work. Eac... Read More »

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How many weeks do I have to work to claim unemployment compensation in Wisconsin?

To obtain unemployment compensation in Wisconsin, you need to have worked at least two quarters of the year. The four quarters are: First Quarter, January 1 to March 31; Second Quarter, April 1 to ... Read More »

When collecting worker's compensation disability and are attempting to find work when and whom do you notify of employment?

Morbidity table (similiar to mortality table like CSO 1953-58, CSO 1980 etc)

How to Extend Unemployment Compensation?

Most states will allow for unemployment benefits to be received for up to 26 weeks, but it may take some people longer to locate a job before their benefits expire. For those who qualify, some stat... Read More »

Wisconsin Unemployment Compensation Laws?

Unemployment compensation exists in most states as a way to help workers who are involuntarily unemployed, such as through layoffs or job closings, have some income to support themselves and their ... Read More »