How to Find Multiples of Seven?

Answer If your aunt visits you once every seven months and your grandmother visits you once every three months, there is a way to figure out the first month both of them will visit you. To answer the ques... Read More »

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What are the units of electrical measurement and their multiples and sub multiples?

A unit of electricity is measured in two ways. Voltage and current.The unit for current is the AMP (A), mA (1/1000 of an amp)The unit for Voltage is the Volt (V), KV (1000 Volts), mV (1/1000 of a v... Read More »

How to Find Integer Multiples?

Multiples of a number are obtained by multiplying integer values (positive and negative whole numbers) by that number. Multiples of integers are always integers; for example, the multiples of 3 are... Read More »

Do you like them, in multiples of three.....?

Oohhh baby i've had multiples of 5 before now .....fancy giving me one??

What would you name these sets of multiples?

Sextuplets:1.) Noah Jackson Riley2.) Alexander Ryan Scott3.) Delilah Evangeline Carys 4.) James Adam Christopher5.) Johannah Kylie Jean6.) Ian Chandler Reid"Noah, Alex, Ellie, James, Hannah, Ian"Qu... Read More »