How to Find Motivation to Exercise?

Answer Many people start exercising for the wrong reasons or too few reasons. Some only exercise to lose weight and don't care how long they live or what their "fitness" level is. The more reasons you hav... Read More »

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What is a good motivation for exercise?

uhmmmm...... =)here's some ways I can think of.-post pictures of models that are good looking and toned, and "skinny" EVERYWHERE. Preferably the refrigerator, and.. your bedroom door.-Maybe pl... Read More »

Motivation & Exercise Goal Setting?

Motivation and exercise goal-setting are two significant components if you want to improve your health, lose weight or simply become healthier. Motivation is the driving force behind your efforts. ... Read More »

Starting to exercise a lot again but I keep getting lazy during workouts with a decrease in motivation?

If you need to get motivivation, workout with a friend or work out with music you like and you know gets you pumped up. Some people will say to take some diet pills for an extra boost, but i would ... Read More »

How to Find Self Motivation?

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