How to Find Minimum Sample Sizes for Tests?

Answer When conducting a survey, the larger the survey, the more significant the results. However, each additional person surveyed adds to the cost of conducting the survey. Therefore, you should plan ahe... Read More »

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Good Sample Sizes for a Survey?

Surveys are not ballots; you don't need the entire population to reach a safe conclusion about the public's opinions. Survey takers rely on the so-called "margin of error," the level of uncertainty... Read More »

What is the minimum sample size for multiple regression?

Multiple regression helps you to learn about the relationship between several independent variables. The minimum number of samples you need depends on the degree of accuracy you want in your result... Read More »

Minimum Sizes of Ponds for Growing Water Lilies?

Water lilies are a variety of aquatic plants that thrive in freshwater in tropical, subtropical and temperate zones. Typically, water lilies grown in home ponds and water gardens possess 3- to 4-in... Read More »

The Minimum Standards Tests for High School Graduation?

High school graduation requirements are largely determined by the state departments of education. All states have minimum standards for high school graduation. These include maintenance of grade po... Read More »