How to Find & Measure Angles for Triangles?

Answer All triangles contain three angles. If the angles all have the same measurement -- 60 degrees -- it is an equilateral triangle, whereas a right triangle has one angle of 90 degrees that forms the s... Read More »

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How to Find Outside Angles in Triangles?

A triangle not only has inside angles but outside angles as well. When a triangle's side is extended, the extension creates another angle. This angle, called an outside or exterior angle, has a spe... Read More »

How to Find the Difference in the Measure of Two Complementary Angles?

Angles are complementary if they add up to 90 degrees. For example, the sum of a 35-degree angle and a 55-degree angle is 90 degrees; therefore, these two angles would be considered complementary. ... Read More »

Types of Triangles & Angles?

The study of angles and angles and triangles is part of geometry, a branch of math. There are three types of angles--right angle, obtuse angle and acute angle--and triangles are named after what ty... Read More »

How to Classify Triangles by Sides & Angles?

Shapes are differentiated by three basic properties: the number of sides, the comparative length of these sides and the interior angles within the shape. A triangle is a shape characterized as alwa... Read More »