How to Find Map Coordinates?

Answer Locations on maps are measured by what are known as map coordinates. The way that you find a map coordinate is by reading the degree measurement of the intersection where the two lines cross over a... Read More »

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How to Find the Midpoint of Coordinates?

The midpoint of two coordinates is the point that's exactly halfway between the two points, or the average of the two points. Instead of trying to visually determine the halfway point of a steep li... Read More »

How to Find the X Coordinates of a Parabola on a TI 83?

In math classes through high school and college, you will frequently have to graph quadratic equations, or equations of the form y=ax2+bx+c, and identify points on the equations. Fortunately, your ... Read More »

How to Find Coordinates in Maps?

In geography, places and locations are measured by their latitude and longitude, or map coordinates. Latitude measures the angular distance of a location either north or south of the equator. Lon... Read More »

How to Find Slope With Two Coordinates?

One of the easiest ways to determine the linear equation of a graphed line is to use the slope-intercept formula. The slope-formula is y = mx + b, where x and y are coordinates of a point on a line... Read More »