How to Find MPH in Seconds?

Answer Miles per hour, or mph, is a measurement indicating the amount of distance in miles covered over the span of one hour. A second is simply a measurement of time. One cannot be converted directly int... Read More »

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How to Find Any Book in the Bible in Under 10 Seconds?

Have trouble finding the scripture passage that the pastor is reading from? Do your pages get bent and wrinkled from flipping them too hard? Here is an easy and fast way to find any book in under 1... Read More »

How Likely Is It That You Are Approved for a Credit Card if You Don't Find Out in 60 Seconds?

If you work for any one of several companies, including Air System Components, Inc., Hytec, Inc., Aquatic Industries, Inc., National Duct Systems Inc., Dexter Axle Company Rooftop Systems Inc., Eas... Read More »

How to Find Time in Seconds Knowing Distance & Speed?

Time, distance and speed have a tight relationship. The formula for distance is speed, or rate, multiplied by the total time of travel. By rearranging the factors in the equation, you can find time... Read More »

My network disconnects me every 30 seconds and reconnects me after 5 seconds?

It might be something as simple as Skype using all the bandwidth available to that computer. Video connections can use a lot of bandwidth and depending upon how you are connecting to the router, th... Read More »