How to Find Lugia in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Answer There are 8 Pokemon that are almost impossible to get on Diamond or Pearl without using cheats, hacks, or downloads. The easiest of them all is the legendary pokemon Lugia. Here is how you get it.

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How to Find Lugia on "Pokemon Diamond"?

Lugia is a rare Psychic and Flying Pokemon found in the FireRed, LeafGreen, Emerald and HeartGold and SoulSilver games. Its strongest statistic is special defense, followed closely by defense and s... Read More »

How to Find Drifloon on Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl?

Heard of Drifloon but never found where to catch it? It's a special Pokemon that can only be in one place, once per week, so it takes some patience. Read on to find it.

How to Find Roark in Pokemon Pearl/Diamond?

Stuck in Oreburgh? Having trouble finding Roark? Here's a guide to help you here check out our other ways and strategies for finding gym leaders.

How to Get Shiny Ho-Oh & Lugia on "Pokemon Diamond"?

"Shiny" Pokemon, which sometimes appear in-battle with a sparkle, are identical to their non-shiny counterparts in ability. These rare Pokemon first appeared in "Pokemon: Gold" and "Silver." Player... Read More »