How to Find Leaks in a Window Frame?

Answer Heat loss, dampness and unusual insect activity in the home may be a result of leaks around the window frame. There are simple tests you can conduct to determine if the leaks are coming from a wind... Read More »

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How to Make an Easy Window Screen Frame Using a Picture Frame?

Piecing together wood or metal pieces for a frame is the most difficult part of making a window screen, but if you already have a sturdy wooden frame from a picture or painting, the hard part is do... Read More »

How do I remove a window screen frame from a window?

From the InsidePull on the screen frame's tabs to loosen it, and remove the screen. Sometimes these tabs are spring-loaded and require squeezing simultaneously. Usually the method necessary is obvi... Read More »

Casement Window Leaks?

Casement windows are easily identified by their window cranks. When the crank is operated, the window opens or closes from one side only. To guard against water leaks, a piece of weatherstripping i... Read More »

Freon Leaks in My Window A/C?

A window unit air conditioner supplies cold air to rooms and sometimes entire floors of a home. This air is drawn in from outdoors and instantly is cooled using refrigerant that expands into gas, d... Read More »