How to Find Joy in Life?

Answer If you cannot find joy in life than you are either depressed and or confused. You need to think of everything that makes you happy. If nothing makes you happy keep reading.

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There are two men one says truth other false in a room and there are two doors in that room one is for life and another is for death ask one question and find the life door?

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How to Find Consistency in Life?

If you want to find consistency in life, you need to be consistent in your methods, habits and way of thinking. What are you trying to achieve by being consistent? This is a question you must ask y... Read More »

How to Find a Path in Life?

Have you ever felt that you have reached a point in your life where you have no where to turn? That the possibilities are endless and yet you can't pick ONE that will suit you? Don't worry, this ad... Read More »

How to Find a Passion in Life?

Passion is defined as having or being compelled by intense emotion;a strong fondness or enthusiasm. It is a stirring within that possesses your being in a euphoric manner, creating a feeling of con... Read More »