How to Find Iron in Minecraft?

Answer Iron is an important block as it allows you to dig up precious metals and ores.

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How to Find Clay in "Minecraft"?

"Minecraft" is an independent sandbox-building game. The purpose of "Minecraft" is to collect materials to build three-dimensional structures. Players can work together or solo to collect materials... Read More »

How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

Have you ever wanted to get diamonds, but never know where to start writing from? Or maybe you need an diamond pickaxe, to get obsidian and go to the nether, or create an enchantment table. Well, a... Read More »

How can i find my way back home in minecraft?

Dont listen to Nathan Smith [he/she] is just trying to encourage you to give up. There IS a way to get back to your home. Also keep in mind that if a compass is brought into the nether or the end, ... Read More »

How to find minecraft bin folder on fedora?

$HOME/.minecraft/bin/You are having trouble finding it because ".minecraft" begins with a dot.Please be careful you do not delete something you need. Make a backup first.