How to Find Information on an iPod Version?

Answer If you have misplaced the information on your iPod version you can easily locate it online. Using Apple's website you can obtain any information on how much memory is on the iPod or the functions o... Read More »

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How to Find the Firmware Version on My iPod Touch 1G 16GB?

Apple continually updates its products, such as the iPad, MacBook Pro or the iPod Touch. Since the release of the iPod Touch, Apple has developed numerous firmware upgrades that alter various aspec... Read More »

How to find information about the iPod?

Go to and follow the links

I have a jailbroken iPod Touch with version 5.1, when I upgrade to version 6.0, will it delete everything?

It will delete the jailbroken stuff. The regular stuff will be backed up by iTunes.

What happens if you upgrade your ipod touch from version 3 to version 4?

well i hacked my ipod before i updated.... if you update your ipod... there are all difference.... i was using 4.0.something ios and when i updated to ios 5.0.1 it has a lot benefits like weather a... Read More »