How to Find How Much the U.S. Is in Debt?

Answer our U.S. debt is risingDo you know the average debt per citizen is? You might be in debt in the future! Find out how much you are in debt or may be in debt.

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How to Find Out How Much I'm in Debt?

One of the first steps in creating a debt management strategy for your household is to know what kind of problem you are dealing with. Your debts probably include a few different types of loans or ... Read More »

How to Find Out If I Have Outstanding Tax Debt?

Finding out whether or not you owe taxes depends on what type of tax debt you're trying to track down. Most people will be attempting to determine if they owe the IRS money, but you could owe back ... Read More »

How to Find a Person to Collect a Debt?

You may need to collect on a debt from someone who has skipped out on you. This problem happens occasionally to landlords and doctors, for example. The common solution is to garnish the "skip's" wa... Read More »

How to Find the Bad Debt Expense Ratio?

When companies make sales on credit, they accept a risk that the consumer might not pay. For example, if the company delivers the goods and allows 30 days for payment, the buyer could take the good... Read More »