How to Find How Much Back Taxes You Owe the IRS?

Answer The Internal Revenue Service is pretty thorough when it comes to notifying people of taxes due or delinquencies. A series of letters and notifications will be sent to you, provided you live at the ... Read More »

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How much should I get back in taxes?

During the year, the IRS requires employers to withhold money from their employees' paychecks to pay for their estimated taxes as the end of the year. However, for many people the amount withheld f... Read More »

Can the IRS Take My Car Away for Back Taxes?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can seize any type of property, including cars, if it deems it necessary to pay off a tax debt. It usually resorts to property seizure in flagrant cases, or when... Read More »

Can the IRS take pensions for back taxes?

The IRS can go after pensions, retirement accounts, Social Security benefits and personal property and assets to collect back taxes. The longer payment is postponed, the greater the penalties. It i... Read More »

Can bankruptcy help with back taxes?

You may be able to discharge back income taxes--but not payroll or trust fund taxes--under certain conditions.The tax assessment would need to have been completed at least 240 days before filing fo... Read More »