How to Find House Market Value in Florida?

Answer It is difficult to find the market value of a house in Florida even under normal conditions. With the housing market lurching from one crisis to another -- subprime loans, rising foreclosures, froz... Read More »

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Who determines the fair market value of a house?

Most lenders rely on a home appraisal to determine the fair market value of a house. A home appraisal compares the residence to like homes sold in the area in the past year to determine its fair ma... Read More »

How to Find Fair Market Value of Property?

Whether you plan to sell a piece of property in the near future or simply want to get an idea of the value of the asset to determine your net worth, you'll have to find out its fair market value. T... Read More »

How to Find the True Market Value for a Used Car?

Whether you are buying a used car or selling one, make sure you get the best deal possible on your vehicle by calculating its true market value. This will tell you what price should be paid for you... Read More »

So with the current housing market we have found our house has dropped in value by A LOT of money...?

What you've got right now is called a "paper loss". It won't become a "realized loss" until you actually sell it. The long term trend is higher real estate prices, but if you bought before a crash ... Read More »