How to Find Hidden Credit Card Finance Charges?

Answer Credit cards can be a convenient way to shop and even borrow, as long as you don't misuse them. If you are considering or already own credit cards, you must be aware of their terms and conditions, ... Read More »

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How do I calculate credit card finance charges?

Find the Periodic RateFind the annual percentage rate, or APR, for your credit card on your statement and divide by 12 to find the periodic rate, which is applied to your outstanding balance monthl... Read More »

Understanding Credit Card's Finance Charges?

Credit card finance charges are the costs you incur as part of your agreement to borrow money through your credit card. Finance charges are shown on your monthly statement, which specifies a minimu... Read More »

How to Talk to Credit Card Companies About Lowering Finance Charges?

Financing charges add up each month. If you have a high credit card interest rate, you are paying more towards financing charges and less on principal each month. Negotiating with your existing len... Read More »

How to Reverse Finance Charges on Credit Cards?

There are several types of finance charges that you can incur on your credit card, including late payment and interest charges. If you have been a good customer to your credit card company in the p... Read More »