How to Find HCF by the Long Division Method?

Answer The HCF of two numbers is the Highest Common Factor of the numbers. Factors of a given number are numbers which divide the number in question with a remainder of zero. The Highest Common Factor i... Read More »

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How to Do Long Division?

Long division is the process of solving a division problem by hand, on paper. While some schools, like those in Australia have dropped the requirement to use it, others, such as those in the UK, st... Read More »

How to Use a Calculator in Division to Find the Remainder?

In a division problem, you have the dividend, the number being divided, and the divisor, the number the dividend is being divided by. For example, in the problem 13/7, 13 is the dividend and 7 is t... Read More »

How to Find Equivalent Fractions With Division?

Fractions are a common mathematical concept that some people have difficulty understanding. Understanding the basic concepts will make solving fractional problems easier. Remember that equivalent f... Read More »

How to Find Remainders in Division on a Calculator?

Calculators give answers to division problems in decimal form, but that doesn't mean you have to work a division problem by hand to find the remainder. A few operations on the calculator convert yo... Read More »