How to Find Graph Symmetry?

Answer A graph has symmetry when two sides of the graph are mirror images of each other. It is possible to estimate symmetry based on the way the graph of an equation looks. Although graph symmetry is mor... Read More »

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How to Find Symmetry?

Symmetry is when you can reflect or flip a figure over a line and the figure appears unchanged. The line that the figure is reflected over is called the line of symmetry. The line of symmetry divid... Read More »

How to Find the Point of Symmetry?

Point symmetry, also known as origin symmetry, is a means to define the "center" point of a figure or graph. One method of determining whether or not you have the point of symmetry located correctl... Read More »

How to Find Lines of Symmetry for Kids?

Students can learn lessons about lines of symmetry by using their powers of observation. Because young people often enjoy exploring nature and their surroundings, you can use the objects both indoo... Read More »

How to Find F(X) From a Graph?

A function defines what f(x) is for any value of x. So for the function f(x) = 2x, if x =1, f(x) = 2. On a graph of a function, f(x) is represented by y. So on a graph for the function f(x) = 2x, ... Read More »