How to Find Gelatin Substitutes for Vegetarians?

Answer Gelatin is an animal by-product sourced from animal hooves, bones, cartilages, and other parts of abattoir meat leftovers. As such, it's not appropriate for anyone whose diet excludes animal derive... Read More »

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Is gelatin suitable for vegetarians?

Not really*Gelatin is just a processed version of a structural protein called collagen that is found in many animals, including humans. Collagen actually makes up almost a third of all the protein ... Read More »

What are some good protein substitutes for vegetarians?

Not trying to sound like a smart alec, but if you're worried about a protein deficiency, maybe you should reconsider your decision not to eat meat.Otherwise, tofu is good.

How much knox gelatin is equal to 1 package flavored gelatin?

Both one envelope Knox unflavored gelatin (about 1/4 oz. or 1 tbsp.) and one small package of flavored gelatin contain enough gelatin to set two cups of liquid. The rest of the flavored gelatin's b... Read More »

How to Find Vanilla Scent Substitutes?

The scent of vanilla is popular in perfumes, soaps, candles and aromatherapy. People use vanilla beans or vanilla essential oil to add the scent to their favorite lotion or sachets. You also can ex... Read More »