How to Find Gay Ski Weeks in North America and Europe?

Answer The first gay ski week occurred in Aspen, Colorado. Gay ski weeks have grown in popularity and are available in North America, South America and Europe. Gay men and women can ski, snowboard, shop a... Read More »

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How to Find Hostels in North America?

Hostels are a universal, international traveling accommodation--but before you can lay your head down to sleep, you have to track down a hostel with an open bed. Canada, the United States and Mexic... Read More »

For people who live outside North America: Do you find American accents appealing?

I live in Kent, about an hour away from London. In case you're reading this in what you perceive to be my voice, I'll try to explain my accent, 'cause most people'll assume I'm either ridiculously ... Read More »

If you buy a new iPhone 3GS in America can you use it in Ireland and Europe or do you have to unlock it?

If you are willing to pay Roaming prices to AT&T for having called from Ireland all the time then yes but otherwise you can't because the iPhone 3gS can only be bought WITH an AT&T subscription. ... Read More »

Is it possible to get car insurance in the US that would cover it for a few weeks in Europe?

Answer Go to AAA to get an International Driver License. No test involved, just need to pay a small fee.