How to Find Fun Things to Do in a Girls Only Club?

Answer Girls Only Club, officially open! When the first club meeting hits, you are face to face with your gal pals! But all you hear are crickets chirping. Here are some activities you can do!

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Are the things the girls on the bad girls club show real?

yes it is cause the bad langue and fighting of course it is real i think it is real it's my opion

How to Start a Girls Only Club?

If you've ever wanted to start a club with your best girl friends, start here!

Where can you find Winx Club season 1 in only English?

He could but right now he thinks girls are icky. But have wishful thinking.

Guys, what are the most annoying things you find about girls?

#1 most annoying thing I find about girls: When they are in a group of people and they start to laugh really loud the second attention is taken off of them. They start to laugh louder and louder u... Read More »