How to Find Friends at a Party Where You Don't Know Anyone?

Answer Have you ever gone through the horror of going to a party, and not knowing a soul? If you're all alone, and not having a good time, this is the article for you.

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Does anyone know any lounges/ restaurants in NYC that my friends and I can go for our after prom party?

there are really no places that allow minors (13-17) into there establishment but i can tell you about this lounge called karma its really nice in the town over

Does anyone know how to find the average age of Facebook friends?

Write/get somebody to write a bot that crawls ages on your friend's pages. There may already be one in existance.

Does anyone know where you can buy 8 inch heels that dont look like they belong on a hooker?

I got white Jessica Simpson heels from Dillard's, I think they were about $75. They're not 8 inches, but they made me tall. You can't see all of them, but they're slingbacks: Read More »

Im having my 13th party and i dont know what to get as party bags/ alternatives?

I'm not too sure what you're friends are into, but I'm 13 and my friends all love the bath company store 'Lush', so what I'm doing is getting them about 2 bath bombs each (they're from £1.90 - aro... Read More »