How to Find Free Music Editing Software Using Sourceforge?

Answer SourceForge is a free community-based website that allows users to discover and download open source software and developers to access a web-based source code repository. This article will teach yo... Read More »

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How to Find Free Audio to Mp3 Programs Using Sourceforge?

SourceForge is a free online service for finding, downloading, and developing open source software. The service allows users to search, browse, and download software and allows developers to upload... Read More »

How to Record an Interview or Music Using an Editing/Recording Music Software?

Digital recording promises to be the technology which helps us to get rid of the tiresome work of recording long conversations/interviews on tapes and to no longer be burdened with boxes and boxes ... Read More »

Free video editing software?

The only somewhat good FREE ones ore those that come with your system, which would either be Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. The few other ones are horrible. The one that I use are really expensive,... Read More »

How to Mixdown Music with Digital Editing Software?

Here's a step by step article on how to mixdown a song using digital editing software. This is a great starting point for new musicians and producers learning to mix a pop song.