How to Find F(X) From a Graph?

Answer A function defines what f(x) is for any value of x. So for the function f(x) = 2x, if x =1, f(x) = 2. On a graph of a function, f(x) is represented by y. So on a graph for the function f(x) = 2x, ... Read More »

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How to Find the Speed of Oscillations From a Graph?

Oscillations are graphed as displacement over a period of time. The speed of the oscillation is the slope of the line in a particular area. Speed changes depending on where you are in the oscillati... Read More »

How to Find a Polynomial's Function From a Graph?

Polynomials are equations made up of terms that involve variables and exponents, e.g. 3x^3 - 4x2 +6x - 8. Math problems that ask you to solve a polynomial want you to use methods such as long divis... Read More »

How to Find the Distance From a Position Vs. a Time Graph?

Position vs. time graphs are an important visual aid for understanding kinematics, which is the study of the motion of objects. A position vs. time graph provides a graph which represents the posit... Read More »

How to Find the Period of a Graph?

Certain trigonometric functions, such as sine or cosine functions, have graphs that fluctuate back and forth in regular intervals. The shortest interval at which the shape of a graph repeats itself... Read More »